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Long Term Care

The Long Term Care Division of Kings Pharmacy has grown rapidly since its inception in 1997. Currently, the division serves the needs of a diverse population which includes patients in nursing homes, assisted living, group homes, and specialized long term care facilities. Kings Pharmacy offers prescription medication and durable medical equipment supplies with delivery service available to facilities located throughout the tri-state area.


Specialty Pharmacy

Advances in medical research and science have grown rapidly in the past decade. The pharmaceutical industry, faced with the challenge of finding new ways to fight disease, is producing more engineered biotechnical drugs. Many of these medications are injectable and require a high level of support for patients. In response to this need, the Specialty Pharmacy division of Kings Pharmacy has been created to offer the support services needed to provide case management, clinical guidance, delivery services, and the superior coordination of care which surrounds these complicated disease states.



Kings Pharmacy works to provide its customers with the most efficient delivery of prescriptions and medical supplies. The newly upgraded computer system has increased the quality assurance and time efficiency standards that customers have come to expect from Kings Pharmacy. With the expansion of the specialty pharmacy division, George Malek has once again shown a commitment to his patients to enhance the services required with the growing trends of the pharmaceutical industry.